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Computer Assisted Surgery in India at Affordable Price

Plan your Computer Assisted Surgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Computer Assisted surgery is a break through in the medical field as the scope for invasive surgery reduces to bare minimum. Surgeries involving this technology alleviates the pain and blood loss to a great extent. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants provides services of the best hospitals equipped with all mechanisms to perform the surgery, at affordable rates.

How things function at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

  1. Superior panel : Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants has ties only with the best surgeons and doctors, a prerequisite in treating any medical condition home or abroad.
  2. Primary formalities : We assist the patients in arranging medical visa, accommodation for the patient and family, meals, appointment with surgeon.
  3. Professionalism : The benefit of Computer Assisted Surgery under Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants ensures utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting the patient's need.
  4. Budget friendly : Financial aspects affect medical treatments in a huge way. We offer low cost Computer assisted surgeries within your budget.
  5. Other crucial services : We also take care of quick visa letter, health diet as advised by your attending surgeon, to and fro airport travel, vacation tour, etc.

International Patient Experience

Ms. Sonia Lafond, Canada
Keyhole Spine Surgery in India

I am Mrs. Sonia Lafond from Canada. I used to drag along the day as my pack pain had made me weak and I couldn't do things without being in pain. Our doctor recommended Minimal access spine therapy, but we couldn't have afforded it. So we had to find options abroad. While surfing through the internet, we came across Dheeraj Bojwani consultants that offered treatment for the problem, under best medical care and low costs. So after a research detailed analysis, we decided to visit India. The surgeons were very skilled and answered all my queries patiently. The surgery went well and I have been recovering with time. I thank Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and his group for their help in finding me the right surgeons.


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Computer Assisted Surgery, abbreviated CAS, uses special probes attached to the body to help your surgeon ensure proper positioning of the joint replacement implants. The probes are detected by an infrared camera that is connected to a computer terminal. The computer terminal constructs an electronic model of the knee or hip based on the information gathered by sensing the position of these probes. The computer can then help guide your surgeon's placement of the knee or hip replacement implants to ensure proper positioning of the joint replacement. Computer-assisted surgery is just developing, and there is certainly not enough known about Computer Assisted Surgery to say that it will lead to better results than standard surgical procedures.

What is Computer Assisted Surgery?

Computer assisted surgery (CAS) represents a surgical concept and set of methods, that use computer technology for pre surgical planning, and for guiding or performing surgical interventions. CAS is also known as computer aided surgery, computer assisted intervention, image guided surgery and surgical navigation, but these terms that are more or less synonyms with CAS. CAS has been a lead in factor for the development of robotic surgery. CAS has been shown to make it less likely that limb alignment problems will occur after knee replacement surgery, but the computer models do not eliminate the chance of these errors being made.

Why do Computer Assisted Surgery?

Factors affecting prosthetic lifespan vary. Ones of the most important factors are the accuracy of prosthesis placement and the restoration of surrounding muscle and ligament balance. This relies mostly on the orthopedic surgeon's skill and judgment. However, research has shown that incorrect placement still occur even with the most skilled and experienced surgeons. The chance for incorrect prosthetic placement will be greater in a less skilled or inexperienced surgeon. Therefore, computer technology has been introduced to assist in more accurate positioning of prosthetic components, allowing the surgeons to make informed decisions intra-operatively for precise prosthetic placement. With Computer Guided Surgery the surgeon has a greater "vision" during surgery. This supports decision-making and enhances the surgeon's flexibility to accommodate individual variation in knees of different people. During the surgery, the surgeon has only one chance to make a correct cut. The Computer Guided Surgery System allows the surgeon to precisely judge the accuracy before making a cut. This is of immense value.

Best Hospitals for Computer Assisted Surgery in India

The best hospitals for Computer Assisted Surgery in India provides image guided surgery techniques along with the best medical expertise in the industry to give you accurate results. Our associated hospitals are located at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Kerala

What are the Principles of Computer Assisted Surgery?

The principle of Computer assisted surgery is straightforward. A similarity can be drawn between CAS to assist in surgery and GPS to assist with navigating and route planning. Both provide a means for getting to the next stage, i.e. in providing accurate positional information that allows better decision-making Computer assisted surgery is incorporated with software to process images real time. A digital model is produced that serves as a map for each particular procedure. The image is then made available to surgeons to guide them through the operation. Surgical instruments can be incorporated into the map so that instrument position, attitude, and progress can be monitored and controlled to within fractions of millimeters. Surgeons can use this real-time data to correct the procedure intra-operatively. This is much different from non-CAS surgery as the prosthetic evaluation by X-ray is done post-operatively. Should there is any incorrect prosthetic alignment; there is a greater likelihood of requiring a subsequent revision. There is a greater risk for post-operative complication as well as increased costs. In this case of incorrect prosthetic alignment from non-CAS surgery, the patient and physician must accept the surgical outcome, including the likelihood of shortened total knee arthroplasty life span.

How Computer Assisted Surgery Works?

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A sensing device is attached to the patient's for patient data registry and an infrared camera will help receive the data for processing and create each patient's digital model. The software contains data for various types and sizes of prostheses. The computer will then assist the surgeon with enough information to prepare the best bone bed surface for each particular type of prosthesis, as well as assisting the surgeon in choosing the optimal prosthetic size for the patient. The surgeon will then apply the data from the CAS system to shape a fitted bone bed. CAS also helps in monitoring the accuracy of the bone bed shape preparation. If there is a mal-alignment, timely correction can be performed right away. The latest version of the software enables the surgeon to determine the balance of the surrounding ligament and muscle. The ultimate goal is for optimum functionality and durability over time.

What are the Types of Computer Assisted Surgery?

Computer Assisted surgery is the beginning of a revolution in surgery. It already makes a great difference in high precision surgical domains, but it is also used in standard surgical procedures.

What are the Common Procedures of Computer Assisted Surgery?

What are the Benefits of Computer Assisted Surgery?

The main benefit of Computer Assisted Surgery is improved accuracy and higher precision in diagnosing, planning, and execution of surgeries. Its ability to provide simulations means that the surgeon can rehearse on the model before operating on the patient. For this reason, it can also be used in training other physicians on complex and difficult surgical procedures. There are disadvantages as well, however. Obtaining the system and training surgeons in its use entails costs, and installing and updating the software takes time. Thus the benefits of having a Computer Assisted Surgery are as under:

Why prefer India for Computer Assisted Surgery?

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Computer Assisted Surgery in India is attracting a large number of international medical tourists to Indian hospitals and medical centres. These hospitals are competent to handle various computer assisted intervention, image guided surgery and surgical navigation. Computer assisted surgery in India is properly planned and performed by expert surgeons.

This rush to India is due to the fact that India gives the same services with the same quality as delivered in the premier hospitals in USA, Canada and UK with the same latest medical procedure. The associated price & cost of these surgeries in India is pretty less than what the patients incur in these developed nations.

In India, many surgeons have this expertise and experience. Most of them have massive experience in handling cases from simple to complex, both in India and abroad. Most of the surgeons and doctors are qualified abroad and known for the best results in the medical arena. The various computer assisted surgeries are available at hospitals in the following cities with latest amenities and state-of-art-facilities.

What is the Cost of Computer Assisted Surgery in India?

Computer Assisted Surgery in India is quite economical as compared to other countries of the world. India provides quality of the medical healthcare facilities at low price which makes India one of the best destinations for these surgeries. One can have a fair idea of having the low cost medical treatments done in India and US.

Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are:

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