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Mr. Peter, Nigeria
Spine Surgery for his aunty

Nigerian National in India undergoes Laminectomy procedure- A Testimonial

Hi, this is Peter. I am a Nigerian National. Recently I was in India with my aunt for her Laminectomy procedure. And I think these calls for a testimonial. Being Nigerian nationals our first preference was our own country. But because of the unavailability of latest medical techniques, we had to look for other alternatives. And we were looking for cheaper alternatives. It was then when one of our friends told us about India. He told us about medical tourism in India. He told us about the excellent medical facilities that are available in India at an economical price. We came across the website of Dheeraj Bojwani Group. We were pleased to see the testimonials of so many Nigerian Nationals on their website. They were very helpful. They were very supportive. They updated us with the surgeon's profile and also chose a very good hospital for my aunt's Laminectomy procedure. My aunt needed urgent medical attention as her physical condition was deteriorating. And being Nigerian nationals, we were apprehensive about getting visa to India in such a short period of time. But, thanks to Dheeraj Bojwani group; they not only assisted us with the visa procedure but also helped us with the travel arrangements. Everything went very well. In fact the results have exceeded our expectations. We would certainly encourage more Nigerian nationals to get medical treatment in India. Thank you

Mr. Peter

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