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Mr. Charles, Nigeria
Thyroidectomy Surgery

Abroad patients for thyroidectomy at Hyderabad in India

Read this video testimonial experience of abroad patient’s Thyroidectomy at Hyderabad in India. These patients traveled from Nigeria to India for getting their outpatient Thyroidectomy procedure in India. Charles one of the patients  told about his trouble that he had a mass on his neck for a long time. Getting medical appointment with many doctors in Nigeria didn’t give a good medical cure as he had a thyroid disorder that really disheartened him. On the suggestion of his family doctor Charles contacted Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants to ask them about the best and reliable health recovery options through Thyroidectomy at Hyderabad in India. Charles was recommended to go to Hyderabad city as it had advanced technology in all sorts of field along with healthcare. Charles says “During my phone conversation with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani I was assured to get recovery by reputed thyroidectomy surgeons in India. I was very much happy that I had someone with me who will help me to get rid of the Thyroid disorder. I was provided health rehabilitation facilities in advance at the hospital by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. When I entered the surgery hospital the Indian medical staff cordially took me to my lodging room and the doctor took my general medical check up in a friendly way. The surgeons of India were qualified, all trained from US and UK. The whole staff there was very much professional, polite and caring. After my Thyroidectomy at Hyderabad in India I went to watch beautiful beaches of Goa. Timely medical appointment and cost savings were the benefits of getting an outpatient thyroidectomy in India. I am thankful to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani with all my heart.”


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