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Abroad Patients Experience Colon Cancer Surgery in Hyderabad, India

List of Best Colon Cancer Surgeons in Hyderabad

List of Best Colon Cancer Surgery Hospitals in Hyderabad

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International Patient Experience

Mr. Mekonena, Ethiopia

Patients from abroad destinations are coming to India for availing the best healthcare Mr.Mekonena native of Ethiopia got the best facilities during his outpatient Colon cancer surgery at Hyderabad in India. In his post surgery interview after his colon cancer surgery at Hyderabad in India Mekonen said “One day I found blood in my stool. I was having very bad thoughts in my mind at that moment. I was really blanked at that time. Without wasting a minute I contacted to my family doctor at Ethiopia. After taking all the tests, he diagnosed me and told me of colon cancer symptoms. It was a very shocking news for me. I was very depressed those days. But my family doctor made me at ease by telling me the way to put out of it. He suggested me to fly to India for further treatment as Ethiopia lacked in world class medical infrastructure. I flew to India with my brother. We both were very much worried about all the medical lodging and hospitalization arrangements but thanks to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants for making everything available to our finger tips right from sending the case details to I had a pleasant time during my colon cancer surgery at Hyderabad in India which was operated by the best cancer surgeons. Nurses and medical staff were very nice, sociable and considerate to my needs. I was kept in a nice and comfortable medical recovery room furnished with excellent furniture and beddings along with a cable TV. I made friends with a majority of the hospital staff and felt at ease, Whenever I was nervous, Dr. Bojwani encouraged me and I felt comfortable again. The Indian Doctors spoke good English so communication was not a problem for me. The housekeeping did an excellent job and kept everything in order. My sincere thanks to everyone in the hospital and Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani indeed. It was my pleasure to have my Colon cancer surgery at Hyderabad in India. I am very much grateful to Dr. Bojwani and his team for giving such a nice health care that is helpful to foreign natives in India. One thing for sure I would say that Dheeraj Bojwani is a real international Health Guru.

About City

Hyderabad is the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. Hyderabad is known for its pearls and its historic legacy and is noted mainly for its monuments, temples, bazars, masjids, amusement parks, cuisine, gardens etc. The culture of Hyderabad is an amalgamation of mannerisms of the settlers who have come here from across the country.

The health scenario in Hyderabad is standardized and easily affordable than many other cities in India

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