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Mrs. Hussain, Tanzania
Cosmetic Surgey

Abroad patients for cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad in India

Many abroad patients are coming to India nowadays to get the best health care for Cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad in India. Here is a testimonial of Tanzania patient Mrs.Hussain. “ Hello! I am Mrs. Hussain from Tanzania who says her experience about cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad in India. I was very much depressed with excess fat deposits on my body, my confidence level was almost nil. I was in search of something that could help me getting rid of it. My friend told me about Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India I contacted them and send them all my case details. I got a call from Dr. Bojwani. He suggested me to undergo a liposuction surgery and explained its procedure and benefits in brief. I was very much worried about getting a timely medical appointment with the Indian Doctor but thanks to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants they made me every healthcare facility available at my finger tips right from visa to hotel booking. They assured me that I will be treated by the best cosmetic surgeons during my Cosmetic surgery at a hospital of Hyderabad in India. I was very much happy, I got an international clinical care. The surgeons there, were qualified and trained from the US and UK. The whole medical staff there was very much professional, polite and caring. After my cosmetic surgery I enjoyed touring the city of Hyderabad. Best and low cost options for Cosmetic surgery at Hyderabad in India is welcoming many abroad patients. I am thankful to the Dheeraj Bojwani to the core of my heart.”

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