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Mr. Tyler Smith, USA
Smile Makeover Surgey

Abroad patients for smile makeover surgery at Hyderabad in India

Tyler Smith a USA native got restored his dental smile with a Smile makeover surgery at Hyderabad in India and got a cost reduction benefit that was not so easy for him in his local place. Tyler is very impressed with the professional expertise of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his group he says “I lost my dentures at an accident. That accident was really very big and I was badly injured by it. Loosing dentures was a big shock to me. I was looking very ugly. I was very depressed of it. I contacted Dr. Bojwani and told him about my dental trouble. He suggested me to change dentures and arranged me an appointment after a week. One has to wait longer to get surgery dates at USA but here that was no problem. When I arrived India, I got a good healthcare and lodging by Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. I was escorted to meet the surgeon for a pre-op consultation. He made me feel very comfortable and the medical facility was very fine. After my Smile makeover surgery at Hyderabad in India I am able to smile heartily and I have no trouble in eating. I had my dentures back with a glorious smile on my face. The dental surgeons of Hyderabad are dedicated to provide the best patient care facilities. Just a line to thank for the excellent work carried out on my teeth, I was put totally at ease and relaxed the treatment was totally pain free. I have got complete desired results after my Smile makeover surgery at Hyderabad in India.”

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