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Affordable Obesity Surgery at Hospital of Mumbai in India

International Patient Experience

Ms. Kirsty, UK
Obesity Surgey

Check out our International Patient Videos where, a patient from the UK share her experience of getting the obesity surgery in Mumbai, India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants.

I am Kirsty Williamson from UK. I came for an affordable obesity surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India. I am grateful to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants for making my surgery  possible. Excess weight not only weighed my body but also on my heart and soul causing deep distress to me. Their staff immediately put me at my ease and explained everything to me. I received a detailed plan of my treatment with all  the cost budget that was less to my great surprise. The treatment was carried out in a professional and caring way and I'm delighted with the way my body now feels and looks. Now I have lost much pounds of my body weight after my obesity surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India. I'm most grateful to the team of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants who enhanced my faith in Indian surgeons. The overall layout of the medical practice was very impressive during my obesity surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India and the attention given by the surgeons and nurses was excellent. Impressive hospital surroundings and friendly medical staff air port pickup facilities, good food all was very excellent, I just can't fault any of your services. The obesity surgeons explained the treatment in detail before they started and gave me a written quotation for the cost. The procedure was surprising easy, more comfortable. Thanks a lot to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants for arranging a qualitative obesity surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India at an affordable cost.

Read our Patient Testimonial- UK Citizen share her experience of getting the obesity surgery in Mumbai, India at best hospitals for bariatric surgery in Mumbai with dheerajbowjani.com

Special Services for Obesity Surgery in Mumbai India

World Class Medical Facilities: Our network of world class facilities includes the best hospitals for bariatric surgery in Mumbai, India has state of the art infrastructure that are well equipped with the advanced technology and latest instruments.

Quality & Accreditation: Our associated hospitals are renowned for their high quality and accreditation that recognizes the hospital infrastructure, surgical volume, low re-operative rate, safe outcomes and low mortality rates from the hands of best bariatric surgery doctors in Mumbai.

Highly Qualified Medical Professionals: Our team of medical professionals include, the bariatric surgery doctors in Mumbai who are highly qualified, committed and dedicated. Our panel includes the internationally trained nutritionist, counselor and bariatric physician.

Low Cost: We provide low cost bariatric surgery in Mumbai, India that is well within your budget.

Safety Results: We ensure safe and excellent results for Obesity surgery Mumbai, India with less infection rates, mortality rates and re-operation.

Customized Services: Our comprehensive program offered from highly skilled surgical team offer customized services as per the needs of our patients. We also provide electronic long term follow up for our patients from abroad.

Other Services: We help with the arrangement of your entire tour for affordable bariatric surgery cost in Mumbai, doctor appointment, quotation for Obesity surgery Mumbai, India, personal airport pick-up and hotel accommodation, optional sightseeing city.

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List of Bariatric Surgery Doctors in Mumbai

List of Best Hospitals for Bariatric Surgery in Mumbai

Why Choose Obesity Surgery in Mumbai, India?

Choosing your Obesity surgery in Mumbai, India has the following benefits:

India is capitalizing on its highly trained obesity surgeons and the best bariatric doctors offering the low cost advantage for obesity surgery in Mumbai that appeal to the flocking medical tourists from abroad. The bariatric surgery doctors in Mumbai have education, certifications, training and experience from the prestigious international medical schools and institutions.

Mumbai is a culturally rich place, having many healthy spots where you could recuperate in peace or to go on a sight-seeing post recovery. Often, most patients from abroad combine their Obesity surgery in Mumbai. You can go for a trip to the Hanging Gardens, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Bandra Worli Sea Link, etc. Dheeraj Bojwani Group in India facilitates low cost bariatric surgery in Mumbai India for the patients from abroad.

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