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Low cost disc replacement surgery in India

Low cost disc replacement  surgery in India is proving to be beneficial for the patients who are suffering from back pain and want low cost surgery methods at low cost. Disc replacement surgery in India is a perfect choice for foreign patients who want international standards of surgery at very less price. Modern spine surgery hospitals in India at Delhi and Mumbai are providing excellent medical facilities for the procedure of disc replacement. Disc replacement may be suggested due to various reasons; generally spine disc replacement is advised

The most experienced medical experts are providing the procedure of disc replacement surgery in India. Disc replacement can be suggested for cervical spine or lumber spine or for any spine disorder. Lumbar disc replacement is similar to other types of joint replacement. The concept is similar that the surgeon is removing a damaged joint, and replacing this with a metal and plastic implant. In the lumbar spine, the goal is to remove the damaged, painful disc, and replace this with a metal and plastic implant. The implant is designed to move like a normal disc. The goal is to achieve the same pain reduction as spinal fusion, but eliminate some of the complications. Some times if the patients are not getting relief with particular replacement of spine, they may be advised for total disk replacement. The total disk replacement proponents say that because there is an area of the spine that can't move after a spinal fusion has been performed, stress is placed on the vertebral joints above and below. Spinal disc replacement provides benefits of restoration of normal motion of the spine in the diseased area, without causing pain.

With the changing technology in the field of medical science the procedure for disc replacement surgery has also changed and improved according to the course of time. Indian hospitals are providing disc replacement surgery in India are well equipped with the recent developed technology which gives most favourable results to the patients within less time at a low cost. Medical tourism in India offers various tourism packages to foreign patients at very low cost. Hence many foreign patients visit India each year fore their treatment especially for disc replacement surgery in India. Excellent medical services are offered at a very affordable price. Also medical tourism in India offers foreign patients tourist packages to visit various tourist destination in India after getting their treatment.

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