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Lumber spine fusion surgery in India at Mumbai for you at low cost

Get the Lumber spine fusion surgery in India at Mumbai for you at low cost. Lumber spinal fusion surgery in India is being provided with world class healthcare by the renowned hospitals of India. With the best infrastructure and medical facilities, along with luxurious travel, India is a first choice of many international patients. Lumber spine fusion surgery in India at Mumbai is available at the most competitive prices with avid healthcare provisions and extensive hospital care.

A spinal fusion surgery is a type of back surgery designed to treat low back pain from degenerative disc disease. It is called a “spinal fusion” because the surgery involves placing small morsels of bone either in the front of the spine and/or along the back of the spine so that the bone grows together and fuses that section of the spine. The procedure of spinal fusion surgery is designed to eliminate motion in that fused segment of the spine, thereby decreasing or eliminating the back pain created by the motion. The procedure of spine fusion surgery is performed to link together individual segments, or vertebrae. Spine fusion surgery is done to link together two or more vertebrae. By linking together the vertebrae; the surgeon eliminates the source of your back problem. During spine fusion surgery, the doctor attempts to stimulate the bone growth between the vertebrae. Once new bone forms, the vertebrae will be linked together, and there should be no further movement between the fused segments. Most patients are discharged home but some go for a rehabilitation facility before returning home.

The cost budget of lumber spinal fusion surgery in India is pocket friendly and proves a good medical treatment option for patients who are without health insurance. The availability of state of art hospitals and the best medical experts makes India most favorite health destination. The facilities offered are of international standards and that too at a very low price. Lumber spinal fusion surgery in India has cured many medical cases who were in trouble due to traumatic disc diseases and lumber spinal pain. Medical tourism in India being affiliated with the best spine fusion surgery hospitals of India provides excellent medical state of art facilities to patients from foreign destinations like USA and UK.

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