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Micro endoscopic laminectomy in India with low cost medical cure

Micro endoscopic laminectomy in India with low cost medical cure. If the person is suffering from spinal stenosis disorder then micro endoscopic laminectomy in India at the best spine surgery hospitals will provide him much relief to the person. Micro endoscopic laminectomy in India in conducted in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore have some of the finest spine surgery hospitals having latest medical infrastructure which uses latest methods in surgery. Low cost surgery and quick appointment makes India favourite destination for foreign patients. Medical facilities in India are world class.

Micro endoscopic laminectomy treatment is an exciting new spine procedure for patients who are candidates for cure of lumbar spinal stenosis. The procedure of microscopic laminectomy is like a thin needle is placed under fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance down to the involved level on one side of the midline spine. A small ½ to 1-inch incision is then made around this needle. Using a set of tapered metal dilators passed over the guiding needle, the tissue and muscles are then gently spread off the underlying bone. Through the same incision, the surgeon swings the endoscope to decompress the level immediately above and below. Overall when compared to traditional open procedures, technique of micro endoscopic laminectomy treatment offers more benefits of far less disruption of normal tissue, faster surgical time, decreased post-operative discomfort, quicker recovery time.

The spine surgeons in India have high success rate in micro endoscopic laminectomy and operations are successful. Also the patients get an early appointment from the doctors and the costs are very less as compared to other countries. Because of all these factors patients are coming from abroad also for treatment and at al less cost. Hospitals of Mumbai and Bangalore have maintained international standards in quality and patient care. Medical tourism in India provides easy medical appointments with Indian doctors along with best lodging facilities.

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