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Spinal discectomy in India from trained medical experts

Spinal discectomy in India are being operated by medically reputed spine surgeons of Delhi and Mumbai. Patients who have severe back problems or infections in spinal cord, they come to India for spinal discectomy at world class hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Spinal discectomy is more effective than general surgery using anesthesia. First it is confirmed that whether the patient is fit for spinal discectomy or not. And for this various tests are conducted such as physical and neurological examination and MRI scan. Health care system and medical state of art facilities in India are of world class level that’s why patients from abroad countries come here to get outpatient spine procedures and get a pre assured success.

A spinal discectomy is a surgical procedure in which the central portion of an intervertebral disc, the nucleus polpusus, which is causing pain, by stressing the spinal cord or radiating nerves, is removed. Advances in options have produced effective alternatives to traditional discectomy procedures. Spinal discectomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure recommended for its low morbidity rate. During the procedure endoscopic discectomy, an incision less than 3 cm is made between two adjacent lumbar spinous processes. Subperiosteal separation of Para spinal muscles from the spinous processes and laminae is performed. A suitable double hook retractor is selected and the hooks are placed over the lateral aspect of the adjacent spine region. The hooks avoid the interspinous ligament. A suitable flat blade is now introduced on the sides of the paraspinal muscles. The parallel bars of the retractor system are now introduced in the slots available on the blades, and are distracted over a serrated bar. This maneuver now efficiently retracts the paraspinal muscle away from the spinous processes and thus providing a rectangular surgical field exposing the adjacent laminae, interlaminar space and the medial edge of the facet joint. The interspinous ligament is not disturbed. The benefits of spinal discectomy is that patients have to stay less in hospitals, normal routine can be started again very soon.

Spine surgeons of Delhi and Mumbai have acquired a great experience in providing spinal discectomy in India. In developed countries where many people don’t have medical insurance they come to India and get treated here. Medical tourism in India takes care of providing best arrangements for health recovery of abroad nationals. It is also seen that the international standards are maintained.

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