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Cheap Liposuction Surgery of International Patient in India

I can't thank you enough for the gift you've given us.  My reversal was done on 5/29/07.  After a lot of research, discussion, and thought.  More than one prominent doctor had told me "not to bother" with the procedure after such a long time (approximately 17 years since vasectomy). My wife found Forerunners Healthcare Consultants while doing research on the Internet; his success rate really caught our eye. When I contacted you.

After speaking to you via email/phone, as well as speaking with one of your formal patients who got the same procedure done, and doing extensive research, I decided to fly out to India to have the reversal procedure done.  It was the best decision I ever made. I would like to sincerely thank you for all that you did for me.

You showed considerable compassion/patience while answering all my post-surgery emails, getting me in touch with former patients and talking me through this life changing procedure. If you ever have a patient that would like to talk to any of your former patients, please don’t hesitate to call me.  I would be delighted to talk to them about my experience with you and your entire organization I can’t say enough about my whole experience. Thank you all again for the wonderful job you did, and the wonderful gift we have been blessed with as a result.

I would just like to thank Forerunners Healthcare and specially Dheeraj Bojwani who made my liposuction treatment successful. The services have raised my expectations of how medical treatment should be. I was particularly impressed by Dr Dheeraj Bojwani's exhaustive knowledge of the treatments, the doctors and the hospitals.What amazed me was the costs that I got here for my surgery

Mr. David Johnson- who underwent Minimal Invasive Laparoscopic hernia repair at the wockhardt hospital.

He says- "I am very thankful and grateful to Dheeraj Bojwani And Forerunners Healthcare-who co-ordinated my full trip.

The rates that he got me for the surgery were unimaginable. The myriad of phone calls and emails,arranging my visa on time Were so wonderfully co-ordinated that my trip was absolutely Hassle free and was a wonderful experience.If the need arises again-I would be back here without a second thought.

Ray K Shaw- Pilot of a private jetliner came to India for his dental Implants in Delhi-India.He is a British Patient.

Dear Dheeraj-I was given your information from a friend in the Embassy. And I must say You stand and live upto the best expectations. You know what good service means. I just gave you a call and my appointment was confirmed in less than 10 minutes. I met The dentist the same day-got my preliminary treatments done the very first time and Followed it up again after 3 months.Go-ahead!! I give you the liberty to use my treatment photographs on the internet.

May Forerunners Healthcare fly like our planes!! Best Wishes and Regards-Ray.

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