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Mr. Lew Heskewich, Canada

Mr. Lew Heskewich, Canada
Disc Replacement Surgery

Low Cost Disc Replacement Surgery in India under expert surgeons and physicians

Hi. I am Lew from Calgary, Canada. Last month, I got my Disc Replacement Surgery in India. I would like to thank the Dheeraj Bojwani Group for their coordination. Without your support, my medical tour to India couldn't have been so easy. I came to know about Dheeraj Bojwani Group from the internet and I immediately contacted them to arrange my Disc Replacement Surgery in India. They asked for my relevant medical reports, MRI and X-Ray reports. They were studied by thee senior spine surgeons. After going through my medical reports they, considered me a perfect candidate of Disc Replacement Surgery in India. I was suffering form severe neck pain. I also experienced shooting pain in my arm. My doctor had suggested that I should go for a Disc Replacement Surgery. I chose India for my surgery was mainly because of the low cost. If I was getting the same quality at a much lower price then why not consider it. When I entered the hospital where I got my Disc Replacement Surgery in India, I was stunned to see the medical facilities around me. My hospital room was very cozy and comfortable. It seemed more like a 5 star hotel room rather than a hospital room. My Disc Replacement Surgery in India was carried out by expert surgeons. My surgery was performed successfully and ever since then, I am not experiencing pain at all. I am very grateful to my doctor for doing an excellent job. Thank you,


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