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Ms. Elaine, UK
Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric weight loss surgery in India at Bangalore by UK trained doctors helped me to get money savings on my obesity cure plan

Hi my name is Elaine from UK. I came for my gastric weight loss surgery in India at Bangalore.  Earlier I was very fat, so fat that I could not withstand my weight at all. My family suggested me to show to the doctor, after consulting with the doctors they suggested me that the only option to remove your excess fat is undergoing gastric weight loss surgery but as I didn't had a medical insurance and so I kept searching for a low cost surgery that would be beneficial for me. Then I found Dheeraj Bojwani website which provides access to Indian hospitals and the surgery costs are very low in India so I mailed my case details to them. They gave me all the information about the method of surgery, stay and the total. I came to Bangalore in India for my surgery; I was very well treated and greeted by them. Within two days my gastric weight loss surgery in India’s process took off. The surgeons were very nice and helpful; he gave me all the details regarding my gastric weight loss surgery. The medical facilities in India are of international standards. Getting a gastric weight loss surgery in India at Bangalore has got a numerous changes in my life I no longer suffer from shortness of breath; I have no aches and pains in my joints that have troubled me for years. I am amazed at how healthy one can feel. I have regained my self-confidence, I am more assertive and definitely in control of my life.

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