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International Patient Video Testimonials

Mr. Artur, Ireland
Laser Spine Surgery

Inclusive Spinal Surgery in Delhi, in India under Finest Surgeons

I am so pleased with the results of the Spinal Surgery in India; it is truly like a miracle. The pain and weakness in my back and the ability to walk are pretty much back to normal. I came to India for Inclusive Spinal Surgery in Delhi under finest surgeons, with best medical facility. Back in Ireland I tried having my surgery done, but due to the reviews from other patients and my friends, they asked me to go to India instead of having a Spinal Surgery in India. Then I started screening websites for Inclusive Spinal Surgery in India, and found about Dheeraj Bhojwani Website. I read all the articles and testimonials on the website, and then decided to contact the representative. I discussed all my difficulty with him, he asked me for my prescriptions and treatment detail, I sent and email with scanned documents. Without wasting time he fixed my Spinal Surgery in Delhi, in India which was amazingly pleasing for me. He arranged all my flights and surgery provision in Delhi. From the point I landed in India, I never had to be concerned about anything. I was complete astounded by the quality of treatment and the nature of the working staff. My Inclusive Spinal Surgery in India was performed a day after successfully and now I am feeling the excitement to share each and everything about my visit to India. I am truly thankful to the Dheeraj Bhojwani group to help me in making provisions for my Spinal Surgery under best medical faculty. I would love to suggest India as the best destination for having surgeries and treatments. I know if I have any other spinal problems in the future I will be hoping to find India as the first destination. Of course, I hope that never happens, but if it does I would be coming India.

Thank You so much

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