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Iraq Patient Success Story of Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India is a key to get rid off all the pains that trouble you as a result of osteoarthritis. Among all the available techniques for hip replacement surgery, the anterior hip replacement surgery in India is most preferable because of it being the least invasive alternative. Dheeraj Bojwani Group in India has provided Anterior Hip replacement surgery to many international patients and the patients are very happy with the result. Our firm is a recognised medical tourism company working in India providing various treatment and surgery under nationally recognized physicians and hospitals that uses lates technology and are clinically advanced in providing health care treatment in the country. Recently Mr. Abdul Rasheed came to India shares his story about his Anterior Hip replacement surgery.

To, introduce, I am Mr. Abdul Rasheed, I am from Iraq. I successfully treaded the path to recovery through a successful Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India. Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group is an array of consummate professionals with impressive credentials and experience in this area of medical services. Their program is sound and successful. I have little doubt especially after having an Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India. I still remember how much my life was miserable, I was seen moving from pillar to post trying and getting some solution to my hip pain, ironically, I couldn’t get anything worth to opt to get rid of this problem. Most of the doctors suggested me pain pills which never worked or if it did, the relief was very minimal and too short lived. All I knew was that I require an Anterior Hip replacement surgery. Amidst all this pain and dismay, a friend of mine suggested me to search options in India, he informed me about the world class Indian Orthopedic Hospitals with high end medical team. He then forwarded me a Newsletter of a medical consultant Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group. 

I thoroughly checked their website, intriguingly; I noticed that they offer a very good quality Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India at prices unbelievable. I also happen to read the testimonials of foreign patients like me, who narrated their saga of relief, they had nothing but praises, I was really pleased to read those, this rose a new sign of hope in me unlike these people I too would be the one to get of my pain. Thus I had all good reasons to contact them. The response from their end was quick; they called me collected my medical reports shared it to experts and reverted to me with pretty viable solutions. Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group and its team has assured me to rescue from this hip pain. And with my mind, I was all set for the Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India. Soon, I booked my tickets to India to set off for the journey towards relief.

The next week only I was in Mumbai for my Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India.  When I reached India, I realized the fact that every aspect of my trip was properly implemented as planned; I really don’t have to worry about my travel issues. I was warmly welcomed at the airport and taken to the hospital, wherein, I was immediately checked in and thus my treatment kicked off. My surgeon treating me answered all my questions very promptly. He made the whole process of getting my Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India very easy. The hospital at Mumbai was a state of art facility hospital with remarkable medical team of doctors and surgeons having a massive experience in handling cases from simple to complex. I was rest assured that coming down to India for my Anterior Hip replacement surgery was the right move.

The pain control following Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India was incredible I was up and walking the next day. On the third day I was walking down to the cafe for coffee. The nursing care was of the highest standard and all the staff on the orthopedic unit was friendly, caring and respectful. The food was plentiful and provided the nutritional requirements of the postoperative patient. It is now exactly three weeks since I had my Anterior Hip replacement surgery in India, I am walking long distances and I can climb a flight of stairs (thirty three steps) several times a day, normally. I am delighted with the outcome of this experience, not only have I saved my money but I have received a superior service, I shall certainly look to Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group if I or any of my family requires medical or surgical help in the future. May God bless them all!

Thank You

Abdul Rasheed

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