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Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Mr. Friday, Nigeria
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Less price total hip replacement surgery at Delhi in India.

Read our Patient Testimonial- Nigerian Patient share his experience of getting the hip replacement surgery in Delhi, India from our best doctor for hip replacement surgery in Delhi.

Orthopedic surgery at Delhi in India has created a great attraction among foreign patients of under developing countries including others. In this video testimonial Uche a Nigerian native tells about his brother Friday’s less price total hip replacement surgery at Delhi in India. Uche says “ My brother Friday needed an urgent procedure of hip replacement surgery and we were not getting a good hospital in Nigeria as all of you know about the economical and technological progress of Nigeria its less than average. I too needed a shoulder surgery but we didn’t know were to go as we were not in a sound financial position to get the surgery at UK or Canada, there the doctors charge too much money and there is no chance of getting an early appointment with the surgeon. Our local doctor told us about Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants who had previously outsourced many Nigerian patients to India for a very cost effective medical treatment. We were given the website address and It showed us the way to contact them. The day we called him for my brother Friday’s total hip replacement we felt more secure financially and emotionally as he provided a less price total hip replacement surgery at Delhi in India at a very modern surgical hospital. It was so nice of this medical consultant in India to send their medical staff to receive me and my brother at the Indian airport and it really helped us as we were not sure of the perfect location of the Indian hospital. Within 20 minutes after landing at the Indian airport we were at the hospital in front of our recommended surgeon. Their team personally got us introduced to the doctor and his team and talked about my brother’s case in a perfect way. The Indian surgeon had a good knowledge and experience of orthopedic procedures. The very next day he and his hospital staff operated my brother with a hip replacement procedure and then within 3 hours my brother was send to a post surgery rehabilitation ward. The Indian staff took great care of my brother during his hip replacement surgery at Delhi in India that helped in healing the hip injury of my brother in a very less time. Now after getting the surgery my brother feels very comfortable in standing, sitting, walking and lying down rest. His hip problems have been solved and he is back to his normal life. I can’t thank the doctor and Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants with words enough he deserves more than that. May God bless him.”

Special Services to Patients for Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

  1. Excellent Medical Professionals : Our dedicated team of excellent medical professionals for Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi include the best surgeon for Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi who are highly qualified.
  2. World Class Medical Services : Our network of world class facilities include the best hospitals for Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi, India having state of the art infrastructure. We have highly advanced technology and latest equipments and ensure to offer customized services.
  3. Safe & Effective Results : We ensure to provide safe and effective results for Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi India with fewer complication rates and less mortality rates.
  4. Cost-Effective : We provide low Hip Replacement surgery cost in Delhi, India that suits your budget.
  5. Additional Services : We assist with arrangement of your entire tour including the appointment from the best surgeon for Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi, quotation for Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi, flight tickets, hotel accommodation, meals, personal airport pick-up optional sightseeing.

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List of Best Hospitals for Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

List of Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in Delhi

Why Choose Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi India?

Getting your Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi India has the following benefits:

Delhi is the capital city of India and a renowned medical tourism destination since millions of foreign visitors throng on a yearly basis. Considered as one of the most historic cities of the world, Delhi has many tourist attractions that capture the interest of the inquisitive traveller. The world class and reputed hospitals in Delhi which offer exemplary services in the field of medical care from the hands of highly qualified and experienced Hip Replacement surgeons in Delhi.

Delhi has a number of sights since there is eclectic mix of the old and new worlds. All these attract medical tourists from aboard to travel Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi. Although, there are a number of hospitals of international standards, you can also find many not so sophisticated medical professionals following many traditional methods of treatments. Additionally, you will get the affordable Hip Replacement surgery cost at the best hospitals in Delhi, India.

At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, we offer the world class medical services at a price that is comparatively cheaper. Our group ensures that utmost care is taken to maintain the quality of medical care. Further, you need not have to face the long waiting list, as patients seeking their Hip Replacement surgery in Delhi are given almost immediate treatment. Delhi will definitely leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated with its rich culture and welcoming residents.

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