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Ms. Angela, USA
Roux-En-Y Surgery

Low Cost Gastric Bypass Surgery at Goa in India

“I am Angela Fox from USA. I am happy to get a low cost gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India associated to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. Now I am seeing clear signs of weight loss after my gastric bypass surgery from an obesity surgeon of Goa. I was never happy with my body as it looked obese. I always used to be depressed that I was not able to wear good clothes of my size that I liked. I tried a lot of medications and fitness exercises but, they didn’t work for me. Then I consulted my grand parents to suggest something. They told me about Gastric bypass surgery. I started looking for the surgeons in my own country. But, the price of Gastric bypass surgery in USA not suitable me to afford. And I was not having the general health insurance I was again depressed thank God that I got a correspondence with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his Healthcare consultant group in a proper time for a timely and medically safe low cost gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India

“After looking at the medical treatment packages of many medical tourism consultancies in India I found the group of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani very reliable and it provided me the best possible recommendation and medical help to get me a qualitative and low cost gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India and I came across Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. After I send a query to Dr. Bojwani to know about the cost and benefits of gastric bypass procedure I was very happy to see the fast feed back replies from his healthcare consultancy and I got all the information and instructions to get medical visa approval and Dr. Bojwani made an advance arrangement for my medical lodging. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani proved to be the god sent help for me. He arranged the best possible medical facilities and services for my low cost gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India. After completing all the registration formalities I got my surgery arranged at one of the best obesity surgery hospitals of Goa in India. The hospital was very nice and beautiful, I felt like I was in a deluxe suite of a five star hotel. The staff of the hospital was very friendly and helpful. They took perfect care of me. I am very happy with the treatment. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and his team gave me great support in arranging my gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India. My keen regards to him and his entire staff.”

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