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Maldivians Patient Experience Pheochromocytoma Surgery in Delhi, India

I am Mrs. Aisha from Maldives. Pheochromocytoma Surgery at Delhi in India through Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants gave a new life to me. My doctor told me that I had a neuro endocrine tumor in the adrenal gland and I experienced symptoms like headaches, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, hypertension, hyperglycemia, chest pain, clammy and  cold skin. The main problem that I was facing was diabetes.

I always wanted to undergo a surgery but I was also sincere in saving money along with maintaining the quality of my medical treatment. I came to know about Indian health tourism described in an article of recovery from Pheochromocytoma disorder and I also saw the phone no of Dr. Bojwani on it this paved my way to get Pheochromocytoma Surgery at Delhi in India. I send my medical report and I was pleased to see their quick reply concerning the procedure of medical visa application, travel, medical appointment and the entire catalogue of the cost budget. After some days after my medical visa approval I was in front of the Indian surgeon for my Pheochromocytoma Surgery in India. During my stay at the hospital Dr. Bojwani called me on phone after every 3 hours asking about my condition and he wished me speedy recovery it was very kind of him to talk to the doctor on my behalf and provide me a comfortable hospital lodging. The cost expenses of my treatment were just affordable to my pocket and it was really amazing. Surgical expertise of the Indian medical staff was comparable to American hospitals that I had seen during my Pheochromocytoma Surgery at Delhi in India. The Indian hospital was a large medical institution consisting of 50 floors and it had more than 90 members in the medical staff. After my Pheochromocytoma Surgery at Delhi in India my health problems were gone. Now I feel normal again after a long period. I would remain grateful to Dr. Bojwani throughout my whole life for providing me such a wonderful care and stay in India.”

Thank You,

Mrs. Aisha

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