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International Patient Video Testimonials

Mr. Aderan, Nigeria
Jaw Surgery in India

Maxillofacial Surgery in India is famous of providing cost effective solution to countless international patients coming from all across the world especially from the developed nations. India offers a wide range of exceptional medical facilities at a comparatively less expense. Making use of the same technology and medical knowledge as practiced in the west, Indian hospitals and doctors offer health care at a substantially less price. This is one of the primary advantages of having Maxillofacial Surgery in India. India is one of the primary countries that provide alternative medication like Ayurveda, Panic Healing, Aroma Therapy, Music Therapy, Meditation and Yoga. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group is a leading group in India, catering invariably all the medical treatments and surgeries. We have rendered services to countless of foreign patients over the years. Unlike many, Mr. Aderan from Nigeria was here last month for his Maxillofacial Surgery in India; he has shared with us his experiences, read more to know about the same.

Hello, to introduce, my name is Mr. Aderan, I am from Nigeria. Recently, I was here for my Maxillofacial Surgery in India. I write to bring your attention to the exemplary care received from the medical team and my healthcare provider- Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group, who managed my entire surgery with acute care and professionalism. I am really happy by the outcome of my Maxillofacial Surgery in India. Otherwise I remember how bad time I had to pass due to my jaw issues after I meet with a car accident. I could hardly eat properly due to the misaligned jaws, moreover, was often bugged by the jaw joint pain and headache. I consulted a local doctor back in Nigeria, the doctor suggested me to try seeking an option abroad for my Maxillofacial Surgery to fix my dislocated jaw. He gave me the contact information of medical consultant - Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group from India for my Maxillofacial Surgery. He asked me to check their website and communicate with them regarding my Maxillofacial Surgery in India. However, I couldn't understand how a group based in India can be useful to me, and what sort of services would they give, do I really afford to have a Maxillofacial Surgery in India through them.

Still there was no harm in visiting their website comparing them and their packages of Maxillofacial Surgery in India. I simply visited the website of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group, as I checked it, I realized, why my doctor referred it. I was really amazed to see their low cost budget packages promising so many facilities. I also compared their packages with other groups, but still found to be better and cheaper than others. After a comparative study and research, I found that medical consultant- Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group to be the most appropriate group in terms of services and facilities, moreover, they provided the package at quiet less cost as compared to others. Thus, I mailed my query about my Maxillofacial Surgery in India to them. I got an instant response from Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group, they pursued my case with commitment and later when they turned up with the package after the proper study from their medical panel, I got complacent about their integrity and professionalism. Hence with a couple of interaction through e mails and phone calls, I gave my consent for my Maxillofacial Surgery in India. They helped me in getting my medical visa, and within a week or so, I was in India for my Maxillofacial Surgery.

On arriving at airport, for my Maxillofacial Surgery in India I was really happy to see a very good arrangement done by the executives of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group. I got a warm welcome and thus departed to the hospital, wherein I was scheduled to get my Maxillofacial Surgery in India. Later when reached hospital, I found everyone including the doctor and the nurses extremely kind and courteous. I soon met my surgeon who was assigned my case. Meeting with the doctor has been thorough and personable experience. During my conversation with him I found him updated about my case, he listened attentively to every question and apprehension and answered them patiently. The other day my Maxillofacial Surgery in India was scheduled, where your body structure can be rectified to a great extent. However, the treatment is only given after a proper study of the patient's condition. Needless to say, Maxillofacial Surgery is a very complex procedure. But thanks to the skilled medical team who accomplished my job with proper professionalism and great care, my entire procedure was carried out smoothly with any hassle.

Following my Maxillofacial Surgery in India, I was there for few days in the hospital for observation and later discharged with a list of instructions to follow. I abided them all and got a smooth recovery. Now I can enjoy my food and got rid of the pain in my jaw joints. I am thankful to my medical consultant- Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani Group, who brought me out from the clutches of pain and agony by managing my Maxillofacial Surgery in India with great care and concern. I will certainly recommend my friends and relatives to have any medical treatment in India through them.

Thank you,
Mr. Aderan

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