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Ms. Sonia Lafond, Canada
Keyhole Spine Surgery in India

Minimal access spinal surgery in India comes as a ray of hope for countless international patients to get rid of their back pains

Minimal access spinal surgery in India is getting an overwhelming response from thousands of global patients from all over the world due to world class quality services along with the low cost factor. Many medical treatments and surgeries come as a ray of hope for global patients who are suffering from various disorder and medical ailment. We at Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani group have been instrumental in arranging various medical treatments and surgeries including the Minimal access spinal surgery in India with best possible medical facilities. Recently, Mrs. Sonia Lafond from Canada came to India along with her son for her Minimal access spinal surgery in India . Read on to see what she has to say about his experience in India.

Hello, I am Mrs. Sonia Lafond from Canada. It was late but not too little to find a medical consultant from India called Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group who expedited my Minimal access spinal surgery in India of course with low cost and quality service. I was bogged down very badly by back pain; my entire life went for a toss, I was unable to move or bend, and thus could hardly do anything except the fact that I was confined to my room. Seeing this pitiable situation, my husband got an appointment from a leading orthopedic surgeon at our town. The doctor after examining me through various test and physical test confided that I have a spinal disorder. Unfortunately, the solution the doctor gave was too expensive for us to afford, later my husband tried some other medical centres in the town, however, and the story which emerged was the same. This compelled us to rely on the option abroad. Thus the first thing which came in our mind was internet; hence my husband tried Minimal access spinal surgery in India along with other countries like Mexico, Thailand etc.

After spending a comprehensive time over the internet, we discovered that Minimal access spinal surgery in India is pretty viable for us. Also, during this search for relief, we also came across a medical consultant Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group, who offered packages for various treatments including Minimal access spinal surgery in India . I found them quiet practical and within my budget. I, therefore, immediately called them to discuss the possibility of having my Minimal access spinal surgery in India . The executive at the other end was a polite and pretty professional person; he got my medical investigation reports and gave me a call after having a word with the Indian medical experts of his orthopedic team. He explained me at length about my Minimal access spinal surgery in India . I was convinced and soon packed my bags to leave India along my husband for my Minimal access spinal surgery.

Soon we reached India for my Minimal access spinal surgery; we were picked up by the executive of Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group. The very same day meet my orthopedic surgeon discussing about my Minimal access spinal surgery in India . I was quiet nervous, my doctor comforted me with his polite and friendly nature. He made me comfortable by his approach and smile and informed that my problems would be sorted out by Minimal access spinal surgery, while knowing about the success rate of the doctor and his profile, I realized that, undoubtedly, I am in safe hands since the surgeon performing my Minimal access spinal surgery in India was experienced and well known.

Minimal access spinal surgery has definite benefits. There is less paid, less cutting within the organs and less chances of infection and has a shorter recovery time. This is also more cost effective. Minimal access surgery can be performed in all regions of the spine.The aim of Minimal access spinal surgery (MASS) is the reduction of 'l damage' to muscles, ligaments and soft tissue associated with traditional spinal surgery whilst obtaining the same clinical outcomes. The technique has been developed to complement minimal invasive spinal surgery (MISS) as the latter does not allow for direct visualisation of the spine. Essential equipment includes an image guidance device, modified instruments, a light source (direct light or endoscopic assisted) and an optional access portal. The two main methods of image guidance used are fluoroscopy and computer assisted operative surgery (CAOS). The advantage of fluoroscopy is that it is relatively inexpensive, widely available, simple to use and provides immediate imaging feedback which may be in multiple planes. Its main disadvantage is the increased risk of radiation exposure. Thus in this way my Minimal access spinal surgery in India was performed, which went smooth and steady.

The Minimal access spinal surgery in India was followed by a recovery that was "no walk in the park" and "seemed to take forever." However, during the eighth week following the Minimal access spinal surgery in India , I felt great and was ready to go. It was like magic! Indeed people from Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani Group and surgeons performing my Minimal access spinal surgery in India deserves applauds, I thank them all for carrying out everything for me.

Sonia Lafond

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