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Nigerian Patient Experience Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery in Chennai, India

India has now proved itself as a promising destination for Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery for foreign patients all across the world. The quality of Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery in India performed by heart surgeons at Chennai, are often par with ones performed in developed nations like US or UK, and sometime goes beyond the expectations of overseas patients. Just lately, Mrs. Nweke along with her son from Nigeria came to India for her Mitral valve replacement surgery in India. Read on to see what she has to say about her experience in India.

Hello, I am Mrs. Nweke from Nigeria. To have my Mitral valve replacement surgery in India proved for me the biggest boon on earth. I participated at a medical camp organized in Nigeria during which I discovered that I have a heart disorder which later confirmed to be bad heart valve. I began to notice that I easily ran out of breath, when I exerted myself, apart from this, I also noticed Angina-like chest pain and fatigue. I again visited my doctor and underwent a stress test. I was then told that I require Mitral valve replacement surgery. My doctor suggested me to have my Mitral valve replacement surgery in India, and passed on the details of a medical consultant Dheeraj Bojwani Group. I and my son then browsed its website, which uncovered the details pertaining Mitral valve replacement surgery done in India. Mailed our queries about my surgery, along with the reports I had and to my surprise, my son got a call from their executive along with the expert opinions of senior cardiologists working in leading hospitals of different Indian cities. After having a detail talk with the executive, we made our minds to fly to India for my Mitral valve replacement surgery.  

Soon we were in India for my Mitral valve replacement surgery; we were pleased to see the executive of Dheeraj Bojwani Group at the airport. After checking with my doctor I was convinced that I am at the right place for my Mitral valve replacement surgery in India. My cardiac surgeon was a gentleman, he shared some good experiences and I was really impressed to discover his high success rates of Mitral valve replacement surgery.

Before my Mitral valve replacement surgery I had my cardiac monitoring with a general anesthesia. The surgeon made a large incision in my chest of the under the left breast to gain access to the heart. After the heart is exposed, blood must be rerouted to a heart-lung machine. I was placed on a heart-lung machine during the Mitral valve replacement surgery. Blood was circulated outside the body and oxygen was added to it using a heart-lung machine. Mitral valve replacement surgery is usually preferred for people like me who have a hard, calcified mitral valve ring or have a widespread damage to the valve and surrounding tissue. After opening the heart, the surgeon cut the diseased valve away from the valve annulus.  With my Mitral valve replacement surgery in India, I got my life back, I am really obliged to my doctors and executives of Dheeraj Bojwani who did so much for me. I have no words for them. So after couple of weeks of my Mitral valve replacement surgery, I am back home, enjoying my normal life. I am sure I can now recommend anyone for the Mitral valve replacement surgery or any other medical treatments in India.


Mrs. Nweke

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