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48 year old Uganda citizen treated with spinal stenosis treatment in India at Mumbai

A 48 years old Uganda citizen Mukasa Obami was admitted to a spine surgery hospital of Mumbai for his outpatient spinal stenosis treatment in India. Mukasa living at Kampala had spinal decompression in his cervical neck and suffered acute pain and required spinal stenosis treatment for correction but in absence of medical facilities at his local city he took consultation with Dheeraj Bojwani spine consultants who provided him a less cost spinal stenosis treatment in India at Mumbai. The medical staff at the spine surgery hospital of Mumbai took special care of Mukasa and he felt his stay in India very homely. After a stay of 4 days during his spinal stenosis treatment in India at Mumbai Mukasa happily left back from Uganda on 12th May 2008. He is now showing speedy signs of recovery and is ready to resume back to his daily life.

Spinal stenosis occurs when the lumber back or cervical neck gets narrowed due to some complications causing pain and compression in the spinal nerve roots. Spinal stenosis generally occurs in middle aged adults from 40-60 years due to osteoarthritis and Paget's disease. This is usually due to the natural process of spinal degeneration that occurs with aging. It can also sometimes be caused by spinal disc herniation, The main symptoms of spinal stenosis is back pain, troublein walking, pain in the legs and neck, numbness in the buttocks, the waekness in limbs is judged by Neurological examination. The best diagnostic and investigative tool to detect the symptoms of spinal stenosis is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), while computed tomograghy(CT) is somewhat useful if MRI is unavailable. Spinal stenosis treatment is performed on the neck or lower back, depending on the site of the nerve compression. Now a days spinal stenosis treament is done by interspinous process decompression system (IPD) the main advantage of getting spinal stenosis treatment with IPD is no significant blood loss, Much lower complication rate, outpatient spine procedure, and operation time of less than 60 minutes.

Spine surgery facilities in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa and Bangalore are unique in Asia are available at less cost for patients who prefer to avail them than in Canada or U.K or other places. Same is for spinal stenosis treatment in India that is operated by medically accomplished spine surgeons. The stay for spinal treatment in India is less than a week followed with best medical and surgical facilities. Medical tourism is also helping abroad spine patients to get spine treatment in India at low cost. To know more about spinal stenosis treatment in India please fill the enquiry form and send it to us.

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