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International Patient Video Testimonials

Mr. Innocent, Nigeria
Radical Prosta-Cystectomy Surgery

Dheeraj Bojwani consultants were considerate to us by providing pocket friendly cost radical prostatectomy in India at Goa

Hi, I am Mrs. Innocent from Nigeria and I came for my husband's radical prostatectomy in India at Goa. It was a day that I would never forget. I received a phone call from the urologist after my husband's check up and the doctor told me that he had prostate cancer. The news was devastating and I was so numb that I couldn't move. But the surgeon comforted me and told that this problem is curable by radical prostatectomy surgery and gave complete details of its cost and procedure in different countries as well. I discussed this matter with my husband and we finally decided for radical prostatectomy in India at Goa. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the complete process and with the professionalism and caring exhibited by Dheeraj Bojwani's consultants. I never expected the kind of personal and supportive care that I received by all the staff members from beginning to end. It was hard to believe that the recovery would proceed as quickly as the surgeon described, but now my husband is a living proof of it. I would thank them for being so good and making the experience of radical prostatectomy in India at Goa better than tolerable.

Thank you
Mrs. Innocent

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