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Mr. Usman Conteh, Seirra Leonne
Spine Surgery in India

It appeared to be a critical case for the doctors in a hospital in Seirra Leonne when Mr. Usman Conteh was first brought to the hospital after he had met with a major accident. He was immediately rushed for a CT scan and admitted to the intensive care unit where a team of neurosurgeons was monitoring him round the clock.

He was unconscious most of the times and whenever he could gain consciousness, his behavior seemed really off which was worrying his family a lot. The doctors knew that a spine surgery is the only solution for his condition but they did not have all those advanced tools that were required to perform a complex surgery like his.

The doctors got in touch with the Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India explaining the urgency and seriousness of Usman’s case and the assisting staff at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants was prompt in taking the actions and consulting one of the best spine surgeons in the country Dr. Arvind Kulkarni at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

The arrangements were made to fly Mr. Usman Conteh and his family to Mumbai immediately with proper medical care present on the flight. He was admitted to the ICU at Saifee Hospital while medical tests were conducted to check the complications that could arise during his surgery.

The surgery went on for 6.5 hours and that were crucial time for the doctors as well as Usman’s family because nobody was sure about the success rate in this case. However when doctors announced a success surgery with just some minor complications, it was a huge relief for Usman and his family.

Usman had tears when he woke up after the surgery because he never thought he could come out of it alive. Presently, he is fit and tells everybody with pride about the treatment and services he received at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants and how he owes his life to the assistants and doctors there.

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