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Mr. Yusuf Wahab, Nigeria
Spine Surgery

Spinal Fracture Treatment - What India has to offer?

I decided to get my spinal fracture treatment in India when someone told me about medical tourism in India. Hello. I am Mr. Yusuf Wahab from Nigeria and recently I got my spinal fracture treatment in India with the assistance of Dheeraj Bojwani Group. India has so much to offer as far as medical tourism in concerned. I realized this when I visited India. I was taken aback with the state of the art medical facilities that are available in India. I was assuming that low cost means low quality. But in India the medical amenities are at par with the West. I came to know about the Dheeraj Bojwani group from a family friend. I looked at their website and called them up. I got a very good response from them. They took my follow ups regularly. I sent them my medical reports which they got studied by a panel of senior spine surgeons. And then updated me with a list of best hospitals and spine surgeons. They also assisted me with the travel arrangements. The hospital where I got my spinal fracture treatment in India was beautifully maintained. The doctors, nurses, physicians and the entire hospital staff were very friendly and compassionate. The surgeons under whom I got my spinal fracture treatment in India were proficient. Everything went smoothly. I don't have any regrets and would encourage people from all over the world to go to India for their medical treatments. Thank you,

Mr. Yusuf Wahab,

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