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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

This is a useful modality especially for chronic pain. A TENS machine is supplies electrical shocks of low intensity via electrodes applied to the affected area. Patient experiences these shocks as a tingling sensation. A TENS machine is portable and is similar to a pager in size. This works on what is known as a “gait control theory” at the brain level. In simple terms by supplying continuous tingling sensation the pain fibers at the brain level are blocked so much so that patient no longer feels the pain. TENS obviously does not treat the underlying pathology.

Role of surgery

Very few patients require surgery to relieve neck pain. For the vast majority of patients, a combination of rest, medication, and physical therapy will relieve neck pain. Surgery may be necessary to reduce pressure on the spinal cord or a nerve root when pain is caused by a herniated disk or bony narrowing of the spinal canal. Surgery may also be required.

Following an injury, to stabilize the neck and minimize the possibility of paralysis such as when a fracture results in instability of the neck.

Tips to Avoid A sore Neck

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