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Surgery India Testimonials

Mr. Fayme Cressac, Zimbabwe

Spinal Fusion Surgery

I am Fayme Cressac and I live in Zambia with my two children and husband. I wish to speak about my experience as a person who has undergone herniated disc removal... Read More

Mr. Karanwga, Zimbabwe

Stem cell for Parkinson’s Disease

My name is Karanwga and I live in the country Zimbabwe. My country is not so advanced when it comes to medical technology and this was my main concern when my doctor said that I had Parkinson’s disease.... Read More

Mr. Abdulla Sulemani, Sudan

Gamma Knife Surgery

Life can throw us challenges anytime, it is up to us to take those challenges in a positive stride and rise above. One such challenge came in my life when my boyfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumor... Read More

Mrs. Hana Julienne, Cameroon

Brain Aneurysm Surgery

Normally everyone takes headaches lightly and keeps moving after popping a pill simply. But when it becomes so severe that it affects normal working, it certainly is worth attending to... Read More

Jayden Mackerras , Australia

Laser Spine Surgery

Laser Spine surgery in India is quite advanced, and people from all over the world come here for economical treatment. Nowadays, Indian orthopedic surgeons specializing in spinal surgery... Read More

Mrs.Hellena Justina Umagwe - Uganda

Surgical Removal of Acoustic Neuroma Surgery in India

For sometime, Mrs. Hellena was experiencing a certain pain in her ear. She had a sensation of needles and was also losing the sensation of touch. Sometimes she also encountered involuntary movement of eyes. Noticing these changes, she thought of getting herself checked... Read More

Mr. Jonathan Brown , The United Kingdom

Advance Kyphoscoliosis Surgery Success Story

Mr. Jonathan Brown, a resident of The United Kingdom, once discovered a minor back pain and he felt uneasy while taking normal steps. Besides these, he had a breathing issue too.... Read More

Mr. Ernest Parson, Canada

Life-Changing Healthcare Solutions under the Guidance of Expert Spine Surgeon

Mr. Ernest Parson has always been a very active and adventurous person and he loved to talk about all the activities he used to take up during his healthy days in Canada.... Read More

Mr. Usman Conteh, Seirra Leonne

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants Get You through the Most Effective Spine Surgery

It appeared to be a critical case for the doctors in a hospital in Seirra Leonne when Mr. Usman Conteh was first brought to the hospital after he had met with a major accident.... Read More

Mrs. Gloria Ambe Aneguwyu Nigeria

Beneficial Gamma Knife Surgery in India to Treat Brain Tumour

Today various health issues have been heard. People are getting pretentious and are unable to live healthily. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants has brought the finest care services for the people who desire to get disease-free... Read More

Mr. Ogunsina, Nigeria

The Magic of Transforming ‘A Life of Pain’ to ‘A Life of Energy’

Ogunsina from Nigeria had been severely suffering from spine decompression since 4 to 5 years. The quality of life was degrading with chronic pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and inability to perform the daily activities... Read More

Mr. Lew Heskewich, Canada

Low Cost Disc Replacement Surgery in India under expert surgeons and physicians

Hi. I am Lew from Calgary, Canada. Last month, I got my Disc Replacement Surgery in India. I would like to thank the Dheeraj Bojwani Consultancy for their coordination. Without your support, my medical tour to India couldn’t have been so easy... Read More

Mr. Bob Perona, USA

Plan your Laser Spine Surgery in India at Renowned Hospitals of Mumbai

Hi. I am Bob Perona from The United States. Recently I underwent Laser Spine Surgery in Mumbai, India at one of the most renowned hospitals as I had decided to get my Laser Spine Surgery in India after a lot of thinking and a lot of research on internet... Read More

Mr. Mohammed Rasool, Iraq

Spine Surgery in India: An easy and effective way to get rid of your back pain

Spine surgery in India has emerged as an easy and effective way to get rid of your back pain. and thousands of patients face spine surgery every year... Read More

Mr. Kevin Steven, Ireland

Combined Cervical Disc Replacement and Cervical Fusion Surgery

I am Kevin Steven from Ireland. I came for my combined cervical disc replacement and cervical fusion surgery in India. I had suffered a lot so far due the extreme pain in my back and neck... Read More