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Ms. Meshelle, USA

Testimonial of Abdominoplasty Surgery at Hyderabad in India

This is a testimonial of Abdominoplasty surgery also called Tummy tuck surgery. Meschelle from the USA came for her Abdominoplasty surgery at Hyderabad in India through Dheeraj Bojwani Health Consultants. She was looking for the surgery to reshape her tummy since last two years but, was not able to find a good cosmetic surgery option at an affordable price. She was had no insurance cover in the US and insurance claims were not valid in the USA for getting beauty enhancement procedures. So she started looking for affordable surgery facilities in abroad and came in touch with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani. The day Meschelle sent her queries to Dr. Bojwani he gave her full support and medical assistance until the completion of her successful Abdominoplasty surgery at Hyderabad in India. She Said, “I was looking for the best treatment for a very long time, but was not able to get a cheap cost cosmetic surgery package. And after coming across Dr Dheeraj Bojwani I was very happy to get in touch with him. He arranged the best medical facilities and treatment for my Abdominoplasty surgery at Hyderabad in India. In India, I got the best medical facilities and treatment. I am very happy with the post surgery results of my abdominoplasty surgery in India. I want to thank Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and his team for their highly professional  assistance in arranging the best medical care  facilities for my Abdominoplasty surgery at Hyderabad in India.

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