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Full Body Liposuction in India
Ms. Jessica, USA
Full Body Liposuction in India

Video Testimonial of Full Body Liposuction at Hospitals of Mumbai in India

This is a video testimonial of Jessica from USA. She gave us an interview stating her cosmetic surgery experience with Dheeraj Bojwani consultants after her Full body liposuction at a hospital of Mumbai in India. She wished to undergo the procedure of full body liposuction since 1 year but due to a busy schedule it was not possible. She searched a lot on net as she was familiar with finding all useful information using search engines on the internet. Jessica  came across many websites of medical tourism consultancies of USA but they didn’t suit her cost budget and she was also being told to wait for days more than a month to get a medical appointment with the cosmetic surgeon. Then one day she came in contact with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants through their website. She was pleased assured with the useful medical information on the site and contacted Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. She sent an email regarding her Full body liposuction in India. Jessica told that Dr. Bojwani treated her with kindness and courtesy during her Full body liposuction at a hospital of Mumbai in India for which she will always remain grateful. In a clear and straight forward way Jessica says “I am impressed by the dedicated professional and kind attitude that Dr. Bojwani shows to his patients and he proved it on the phone talk and in his email replies so I decided to fly to India for my full body liposuction surgery. I had multiple cosmetic operations of liposuction on my tummy, thighs and breasts too. I would like to thank Dr. Dheeraj and his clinical staff for their wonderful medical hospitality. Everyone at the cosmetic surgery hospital of Mumbai right receptionist to the surgeon in the medical staff performed his or her duties in a very thorough, professional and caring manner. My experience of having the procedure of Full Body Liposuction at Mumbai was thrilling and unique. I cannot describe in words the fantastic quality of healthcare care that I received. The services the Indian medical staff of doctors, and nurses was appreciable. Thanks to you Dr. Bojwani for all your care and kindness that you provided me during my Full body liposuction at a Hospital of Mumbai in India.

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