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Mr. Jonathan, USA
Complex Urology Surgey

Video Testimonial of Urology Surgery at Hospital of Mumbai in India

This is a video testimonial of Urology surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India. Jonathan from USA came here for Urosurgery and got a good and speedy health recovery with the medical healthcare facilities provided at Indian hospitals. He said “I wish to thank Dheeraj Bojwani Healthcare Consultants for being so professional and helpful to me. I am very happy with my treatment, my urosurgery, and the way Indian surgeons medically operated me. I feel more confident with my new life. Thank you Dr. Bojwani and staff for all the help and for being so nice with me. I would like to thank you for the wonderful guidance you gave me during my Urology surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India. Surgeons were Avon as well as an artist. I have to thank you for your kindness as you put your patients at welcome ease. Needless to say how important that is for healing of your patients. I'm completely satisfied with the very professional service received, very comfortable, friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices through out my services. My Urology surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India has obviously been successful, Dr. Bojwani provided me with a service that has not only met my medical care needs but also provided me a sense of being complete and healthy again. I would like to thank you Dr. Bojwani and for giving me a medically safe Urology surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India”.

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