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Male Revision Sterialization Surgery
Mr. Stephan Hines, UK
Male Revision Sterialization Surgery

Video testimonial of vasectomy reversal surgery at hospital of Mumbai in India

It's a video testimonial of an international patient Stephen Hines from the UK who came for his Vasectomy reversal surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India. Victor says I had vasectomy surgery few months before. Then me and my wife thought of having a baby. But as I had vasectomy surgery, it seemed somewhat difficult to us. By consulting my wife I contacted to Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India as I had my previous surgery with them. They were really very nice with their work. I contacted them and talked with the director of the company Dr.Bojwani. I told him about my case and asked for any options available. He suggested me to undergo vasectomy reversal surgery offered low cost package in India. My wife and me, both were very happy by getting solution to your problem. After getting surgery dates for Vasectomy reversal surgery at a hospital of Mumbai I flew to India with my wife. We were very happy and excited too. From the moment I entered the hospital I was shown the uttermost care and respect by all of the Indian medical staff. The doctors in India used the most latest surgical technology in India. The Indian infertility treatment doctors were trained and experienced from the US and UK. During my Vasectomy reversal surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India I was glad to get assisted at the hands of good medical professional like Dr. Bojwani who cared for my medical hospitalization very well. They made me at ease during my surgery. Now me and my wife are happy with the results. The surgeon and the whole staff was really fantastic. After my Vasectomy reversal surgery at a hospital of Mumbai in India, we were very happy. Now, we have got a kid who is very beautiful! I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Bojwani and his team for their sincere care shown to us.

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