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Mr. Martin, Madagascar
Epididymostomy Surgey

Video Testimonial of Vaso Epididymostomy at Hospital of Mumbai in India

A Madagascar native Martin tells about his medical trip experience in this video testimonial concerning his Vaso epididymostomy at a hospital of Mumbai in India. Martin came to India at Mumbai for an outpatient procedure of Vaso epididymostomy as he wanted to remove the obstruction in his genital tract to get his fertility restored with an expectation to bear kids again. Now Martin is happy and satisfied after his successful Vaso epididymostomy at a hospital of Mumbai in India. When asked about his medical treatment experience in India Martin said “ The team of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is very dedicated to the needs of the patients and I am very happy by the medical attention paid by Dr. Bojwani and his team regarding my medical travel arrangement and timely appointment with the infertility treatment expert at Mumbai. What to say about the Indian doctors they are real medical treatment pioneers. Before getting Vaso epididymostomy in India at Mumbai I feared of post surgery complications the mental encouragement of Dr. Bojwani and the medical expertise of Indian medical staff killed my fear and now I am fit and fine I would like to recommend my friends and every one to get the reversal procedure of vasectomy surgery with Vaso epididymostomy at a hospital of Mumbai in India. India provides world class medical treatment at a cheap price and one is able to enjoy the best healthcare and intimate hospitality and I experienced this in a deep way during my Vaso epididymostomy at a hospital of Mumbai in India. I will always remember the special hospital care and post surgery hospitalization given by the friendly Indian surgeons and of course Dr. Bojwani.”

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