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Discectomy is one of the commonest surgeries performed on the spine worldwide. Classical indications of disc surgery are severe radiating pain from back to leg going beneath the knee usually to the calf muscle or to the side of the legs despite supervised non-operative management which includes bed rest, analgesics, exercises, local heat or cold therapy, braces, epidural steroids etc. In addition there should be a radiological demonstrable disc herniation compressing the nerve root which should correlate with clinical findings. Non-operative management should be continued at least for four to six weeks. Emergency indication of disc surgery include sudden onset of paralysis of foot or calf muscles, loss of sensation around anal opening, loss of function of bladder or bowel control in addition to the pain in the legs. Minimally invasive Discectomy is a procedure in which through a 2.5 cm small incision an endoscope is inserted and under video monitor disc fragment is removed. There is minimal post-operative discomfort and patient can be discharged the next morning.

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