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Micro Discectomy

The microdiscectomy is the gold standard operation for herniated discs. Devised in the 1970’s by Yasargill and Caspar , this is the most validated and evidence based surgical treatment. It is also the most commonly performed operation in reputed and specialist spine centres in the world.

The procedure involves placing a small incision , usually around 1 inch over the involved area. Special retractors gently hold open the tissues leading to the spine on the involved side only. A high powered operating microscope is used to carefully and precisely expose the compressed nerve in the spine , and reveal the herniated piece of disc. This is carefully removed with micro-surgical instruments , and the nerve is relieved of all pressure.

The use of operating microscope facilitates a very precise procedure with the least tissue damage , and with optimum illumination and magnification , making it a very safe procedure.

The recovery following a micro-discectomy is very rapid. In a typical case , the patient will be made to get out of bed and walk the same evening as the operation. He can be discharged within a few days , and can return to work fairly quickly compared to open discectomy procedures.

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